Liverpool Football kit, siblings,
*Said in geordie Big Brother style voice* Day one in the Freckles Family Easter holidays house

The kids have so far spent the majority of the day fighting over who’s turn it is on:

a) the iPad
b) the trampoline
c) the big telly
d) all the above

Why is the reality of the school holidays always a little bit of a let down in comparison to your calm and serene imagination? We’ve got lots of things planned for the rest of the week, but today has been unbelievable.

We started making some Easter cards this morning to send to family and even who had what colour pen turned me into a referee.

Getting them out of the house always seems to be the answer so off we went for a walk, only after the obligatory huff and puff over who was carrying the seeds for the ducks and who was on which scooter.

Back in the house and we resume the ‘I had it first’ wails. I’m considering getting wristbands like they have in soft play places to dish out ‘turns’ on some of the gadgets. Or as one Twitter mum said this morning  when her children complained that they were the only children not going to Disneyland, she was considering giving them a little holiday from all the things they do have. Which I thought was brilliant.

However, tomorrow is another day. Perhaps we’ll start it off with a little discussion on what sharing means.

How do you deal with sibling squabbles?

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