Auntie Updates – Easter 2012 Edition

With one auntie (my husband’s sisters) in New Zealand and one mainly on the South Coast, this is our attempt at keeping them up to date with all our rivetting news and antics. Feel free to move along if your aren’t Auntie Cheryl or Joanne.

You’ll be really proud of your brother (and nephew) when you see what a great job he’s done of replacing the old fences. Hugo was dashing around ‘helping’ with his plastic Black and Decker tool kit. They roped my Dad in too, and spent a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to B&Q – that’s what bank holiday weekends are all about, yes?
Dolphin Tale, Warner Bros
Hugo has a new best friend, thanks to the lovely people at Warner Bros PR who found this hiding in a cupboard and knew he’d love it. It is Winter from Dolphin’s Tale and like the real Winter has a detachable tale, which keeps turning up in the weirdest of places.

Nick Jr, Dora the explorer
 We had a fantastic two weeks off school and in between gardening and getting ready for the garage conversion did indulge in lots of chocolate eating, courtesy of Easter Bunny and Nick Junior, who kept us entertained with Easter episodes of Dora, Ruby and Max and Team Umizoomi (are you familiar with their work)? Cheryl, I did send you some of this chocolate – this is what was rifled from your parcel – so here’s what you nearly got.

Warner Bros, Oscar Winning Films
I’ve tried to do a bit of film education in the holidays too. Introducing Chloe and Amelie to some Oscar winning classics such as Gone With the Wind and Casablanca. I’m not sure that they lived up to the competition of Hannah Montana or things with Vampires in, but I had a lovely time working my way through this collection, kindly sent by Warner Bros. Amelie was rather taken with my box set of Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple, so all is not lost.

Chloe started a new job on Good Friday, as a waitress at the new Saints Rugby ground. I’m sure she did a great job as she has been taken on for all the home games. She didn’t have a clue which team had won though, so lets hope they never test her on her knowledge or enthusiasm for the sport.

She spent the rest of the holidays getting everything ready for her final coursework textiles submission for year one. Look at some of the additional samples she’s produced alongside the original photographs for inspiration.

(Sorry tried to insert slideshow and it wouldn’t show so uploaded all for now).


Amelie also got some textile practice in too, from a wet felting workshop we went to. She drew a design and then produced this.

The last two weeks have flown by, thanks Jo for the chocs, they’ve disappeared. Cheryl, we hope Jack had a fab visit. Skype you soon x

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April 19, 2012 - 11:57 am

Jo Tatham - Thanks for the updates !!! looks like you have all had a busy Easter… loved the photos of Hugo and the Dolphin, he so loves all his animals- is he going to be a vet i wonder ? And isn't Chloe so talented on the Textile front,loving all her work and would love to seem some of them framed. Also looks like Amelie is following in both yours and Chloe's foorsteps with her felting. What talented family I have ! Love you all, keep the Auntie Dotes coming. Jo x x

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