Finished It Friday – Losing marbles, atishoo & another dress

This week I felt I was in danger of finishing nothing again. So much going on in the house and garden demanding attention and the small matter of a little boy’s birthday – today! However, I gave myself permission to have a good sewing session yesterday afternoon. I wanted to get another pillowcase dress finished. From the leftover bits of the pillowcase flap and some other small fabric pieces I made some tissue covers. Hugo has had a bit of an obsession this week with marbles. He carries them round everywhere with him, tells me what he is doing with them and generally keeps them in his pockets. Poor washing machine has been hammered this week. So I decided to try and fashion a little drawstring bag for him to keep them safe. Here’s the results.

Love the concentration on these two – Open & Closed

So, what have you finished this week? Some craft, a book, a hot cup of tea (elusive in these parts). Join up so we can all come ooh and ahh.

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May 4, 2012 - 9:48 am

Karen - All beautiful, I wouldn’t expect anything less!

A big, fat happy birthday greeting to H, yay a big boy 3! Have tons of fun at the party!

K xxx

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